Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne

Cristal Champagne is probably the most trendy Champagne - but at £700 per litre - what a price?

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Cristal Champagne was first produced for Alexander II of Russia in 1876 although Louis Roederer inherited and renamed the 1776 vinyard in 1833.

Many consider Cristal Champagne should be regarded Internationally as the leading prestige cuvée Champagne.

Louis Roederer had a Flemish glassmaker produce clear flat bottommed Champagne bottles that would not potentially hide anything inside as the green bottles might. This is because the Czar was concerned about bomb happy anarchists that threatenned his life.

Cristal Champagne was only commercially available in 1945 and owing to clever marketing in the late 1990s Cristal Champagne has become a trendy adjunct to the modern rap music culture. Cristal Champagne Prices are probably the highest and the most expensive Champagne at RRP of £2,500.00 for a 3 litre Jeroboam.